A character designed for the DnD campaign called Apocalypse World. Mañana was a process to create, from brainstorming his origins, to the items he hold on to. After discussions with the other players about their characters and the world as a whole, Mañana was born.
Before the psychic maelstrom, also known as the apocalypse, he was known as Akai Cortés. As a weapons dealer, and frequent visitor with his son to the Bronx Zoo, life was stressful, but manageable. But then the sky ripped open one fateful visit, and chaos consumed the zoo. Cages broke, the animals went wild, and his son was lost. Having seen the Pack Leader of the Lions consume his son, a piece of Akai was forever lost.
Years passed, and the zoo was taken by the wilds. But many of the inhabitants who were there that day remained. For the zoo was a haven in comparison to the outside; animals were more merciful than humans. The remaining humans formed a cult, worshiping the animals, offering the lions sacrifices and struggling to survive. But Akai, still vengeful towards the pack leader, revolted and slayed the Lion.
Rallying the now lost humans having seen their god killed, Akai gave them all a new name and a new purpose. By taming the animals, he assumed full control of the zoo. From the now destroyed gift shop, Akai donned the mask of a monkey, and forever became Mañana.
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