An illustration from Daydream Carousel’s coloring book, "Journey Though Time."
My page was Mesoamerican themed and entitled, "Gods and Symbols." In an effort to incorporate the large amounts of symbols and myths from this time period, I separated them into different sections.The top represents one of the most famous Mesoamerican entity, Quetzalcoatl, accompanied with ceremonial equipment under him. The left shows the creation myth of humans, being born out of corn after many failures, and the right shows the myth of the 5 suns, which basically tells the multiple birth and death of the world, with the current one being the 5th (it's a pretty amazing story, so do look it up!). And last, the bottom shows the underworld and Mictlantecuhtli, God of Death, with wooden monkeys (one of the failed human creations from the 5 Suns myth) supporting the structure.
There's a ton of other small details that I would love to go into but that would take pages of description so I encourage you to look into some more of the stories! It's an entertaining read.
The books features many great artists and would be a pretty amazing addition to any collection.    
It is now available here:
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